Achievement Hunters Wanted!!!

Hey everyone, was wondering if you lot could help me and some buddies out with getting some Halo 3 achievements. We always get to a full part or a party big enough for the killing in 4 second achievements but some of the players never even help, they aren’t even at the Xbox which is pretty pointless. So I’m asking for a hand to help us out, we’re actually going nuts because we can’t get them and well yeah it’s getting on our nerves. I wouldn’t ask on here but we’re desperate and would like any help available, the achievements are both campaign and multiplayer ones so it is a bit of a rush if any of you use the Halo 3 Mythic disk, as some of my friends do. Anyhow, it would really be appreciated if any of you could help out and yeah it’d be a big relief of our chests.

P.S. its not just Halo 3 we’re needing help with, it’s the other Halo games but would like to start off on Halo 3.

Thanks everyone and yeah really appreciated if you could help us.

Hit me up on Xbox Live at Bigdanzo51169 <— yes laugh, hahahaha immature I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I will help. Im down to get any achievements you guys need and you can help me with a few i need too.

Any of you guys up for vidmaster annual?
That is my last achievement in Halo 3.

I can try to help if I happen to be online. I also need H3 achievements

I need overkill and 2 for 1 im not sure if its possible you guys can help

I’m missing a few myself, count me in!

I need Annual, 2 for 1, and Overkill if you guys are still doing it I’ll be glad to help.

Still looking for people? I still need 2 achievements: “Pull” (On Citadel, get a Shotgun Spree during any ranked or social match) and “Have Fun Respawning” (On a Mythic map, get an Extermination during any ranked or social match). I’ll be happy to help you if you can help me :slight_smile: I’m not really into boosting, but the game is quite old and I would like to complete my list (and I need some from Reach too -_-). Anyway, msg me on the xbox if you want help. Gamertag: DICMA

I need pretty much all achievements. Send a whole bunch of friend requests to people in this thread.

I could use quite a few achievements. Sure thing