Achievement Glitch

Ok, I have just spent some grueling hours into Halo 5’s Campaign on Legendary difficulty. I believe I am having a glitch with the achievements “Lone Wolf” and “Forging a legend”. If you look at my status with the campaign it says that I have completed these missions on that difficulty, yet I am not receiving any achievements. For the progress bar on these ones, it says that I have to complete one more level before I can get it and this leads me to believe that this may be a glitch. If anyone has any idea on what to do, please let me know because we all know how painful it is to go through legendary difficulty.

I ran a quick Google search, and it seems that you’re definitely not the first person this has happened to. The same symptoms you mentioned have happened to others. It seems that for some people, the achievement glitches and gets a little stuck.

You can try stuff like clearing your cache and unplugging your XBox. It seems after 2 days or so it gets itself unstuck.

I had that issue when I went back to finish solo legendary. Just give it a few days and they’ll show up

Yeah just give it a few days. Happens in a lot of games where it just doesn’t register that it’s completed. (Destiny 1 was really bad with that)