Achievement fustration

i only need 4 more Halo Reach achievements, and they are all DLC related. i own all DLC and i was playing today, i scored 10 skulls at once TWICE in a single match and i did not get the damn achievement!

i also got the Dont Touch That achievement and the Paper Beats Rock achievement and… they didnt pop up. i have saved the films for prrof… but honestly, this is -Yoink!- me off major time…

sooo… WTF?

gotta play on anniversary playlist for 10 skull one

Bounty Hunter has to be done on an Anniversary map. Also, you don’t get skullamanjaros in Multi Team. Your best bet is to play in Anniversary FFA for that one.

Paper Beats Rock and DTT are both on a Defiant map. DTT is notoriously glitchy.

ohhh… thats is really stupid

I did also the “from hell’s heart” achievement 5 times in a single anniversary btb game and I didn’t got it.
And, for the skullamanjaro, I obtained it only in mutli team. But one time I had 10 skulls in ffa and, as I was almost in the collect area, it changed and I got assassinated.

I left trying to get the last 4 anniversary achievements.

how do you feel about boosting