Achievement exploit

So, really made my fiancé mad.

If you are playing on steam, switch accounts; then launch Infinite. you get all of the previously signed in accounts achievements. Its because it doesn’t log out of the Xbox account when changing steam accounts.

This can be exploited by folk who get banned for cheating likely as they can just move all their achievements around.

This is also annoying because it now means all Halo Infinite achievements do not have any bragging rights behind them. You can just sign into your better gamer friends account and get them all.

343 plz fix this. Something that would negate this would be on the main title screen where we press enter is to press enter to confirm that we want to continue with this account or sign in with another.

It took far too long to even find how to sign out of Halo Infinite. Not cool.

Fiance is contacting steam support to get the added achievements removed because she aint no cheater


Yikes, hopefully that will get fixed quickly, maybe 343 could add an in-game achievement counter like MCC that shows the achievements unlocked under that Microsoft account.


Yes! That would be perfect

Please report bugs/glitches to the support site;


Do you mean that they just unlock on Steam though?

Steam doesn’t enforce achievement policies and third party tracking sites won’t flag it as suspicious either because Xbox games will also mass unlock (Like Age of Empires games) once logged into an Xbox account with achievements.

So yeah, good to see you contacting Steam to remove them, and the bug will be looked into but I wouldn’t be concerned about anything.

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