Achievement? Complete all Halo Reach campaign levels on Legendary mode!

Wow this is hard. . . about 20 hours in and only half-way. . . I’ll have to go back and do thet other level agian, they CHEATED. I got a bad checkpoint. . . You can’t cheat a cheater! (even though they did). I was on the level where you have to destroy the covenants spire. I took the warthog that I got at the begining and used it all the way to the part where you get to the last covenant anti-air thingy(yes, it’s a thingy) (It’s a secret how I got it there). Well you know how you take the left route instead of the right one and that broken bridge that’s there? Well i was going full speed towards it in my worthog and start to drift around the bend to get a good shot off at the wraith there when a fully charged plasma pistol shot me and disables me and I slid and hit the covenent weapons box with the Antenna thing next to it. I only had the sprint equipment and I was doomed. . . That really suck man now i gotta do it AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!

The mission you are referring to is called Tip of the Spear. Everyone gets a bad checkpoint from time to time, so it’s not a cheat. It’s easy getting the Rocket Warthog all the way through this map without doing anything special. I never rely on Kat to fire the Rocket Warthogs weapon because she waits until enemies and enemy controlled vehicles are way too close to our vehicle before she starts firing. Have a marine in the passenger seat of the Warthog equipped with a Concussion Rifle, often times this marine will shoot this weapon at enemies that are farther away then Kat will if she is firing the Rockets. I’ve seen my Concussion Rifle wielding marine passenger use this weapon against the Revenants and literally knock them off of the map.

Try to take out as many Grunts and Jackals as you can or they will overcharge their plasma pistols and disable any vehicle you use. The Rockets from the Warthog do very little damage ( gee Bungie, these are “Rockets” not marsh mellows this weapon is shooting) and be aware of the locations of the Revenants and Concussion Rifle wielding Elites before you go storming in. I approach the encounters in this map patiently and slowly. Equip yourself with a plasma pistol and a Needler Rifle when you can. You can destroy both AA guns with the Rockets from the Warthog, or Revenant if you choose, be patient because it takes a lot of fire before it blows up.

I gave up driving the Revenant on Legendary because, like the Rockets from the Warthog, the weapon on this vehicle is grossly underpowered. It’s great for splatters but I rarely drive it on Legendary unless my Warthog gets destroyed. Take your time in this map and you will get through it.

This is Deli 01 speaking, sorry it took so long to respond my other profile got jacked up so I had to make another one. I redid the level and easily beat it with the warthhog Smile. I beat the all levels on campaign mode on January 11, oh and by the way I used the warthog for vehicle only. I just ran the foot soilders over rather than shoot them LOL! I am so evil. . . but you can’t be cold at Halo unless you are MWahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! P.S> When i get online I’ll run you ova too!!!