Achievement "Cairo Station" doesnt give me Armor

I got all the nightfall armor, and the Mark VI gen 1, but the Mark VI gen1 Scarred wont unlock for me.
Will this not unlock anymore and is it the same with the helioskrill armor (havent tried to beat all on legendary yet)?

The MCC is buggy.
I have heard that if you go back to the home, then hit the ‘start’ button and quit the game, take it out and put it back in, then fire it up again, it should work.
I have heard that this worked for some people who did the game on legendary and nothing unlocked.

Im having the same issue. I just got the cairo station achievement but it didnt give me a req pack anything on halo 5. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Please don’t revive old topics thanks. If you check the support forums, this is a popular question and has been answered a few times recently