Achievement bugged?

The achievement ‘Forged in Fire’ and every achievement that follows it are bugged for me and I was wondering if these’ll be fixed anytime soon.

hello, sometimes it could happen that u find some bugged achievement, u should try to restart the console or an hard reset, then open the game again and ur achievement will be unlock.
hope to be useful

I just have this issue: my lists of challenges cannot be accesed, I just got banned for 2 or 3 minutes for leaving with not harmming intentions, my electrical service faded, but unfortunatelly I was furious and I was unkind with the players aroud me telling some unfriendly stuff becasue of the lag and I was spawning and getting killed after two seconds of doing that… I just don’t know if that’s a banning. Hope it doesn’t.
I already relaunched the game and reseted my router, it didn’t work. Is there any advice for me?

I must say that I am a Halo MCC player on Steam.