achievement Boosting

For those who have not gotten all the achievements add me and we will boost them later. Please now that afterwards we will be playing legitimately.

You must have all the DLC.
Must be willing to actually let the people get their achievements as well.

If the achievement doesn’t come up we will try again. If the maps do not come up then we will play for keeps.

GT:Sonow Raevius

Will be starting at 9pm Eastern

I may join in.


Either tonight or tommorow night

> Either tonight or tommorow night

Tommorow sounds good. Can’t make it tonight.

I’m in. I’ll send you a friend request.

it will be tomorrow for some reason XBL is being weird with me tonight.

Ok it will be later today (new years that is) sorry I was not able to get back on tonight.

I’m new to this online gaming but want to boost my achievements. Is this a one time only deal or will you play again?
posted 01JAN12.

I’m in to.
need one, infection in defiant map pack.

i need alot of the new achievements that came with the new map pack, i’ll add you and i hope to join :slight_smile:

Is achievement boosting against the rules? If not, I got the noble and defiant pack, and should be getting Halo Anniversary this week. If people are still doing this I wouldn’t mind joining in.

If you are still trying to get more people let me know.