Achievement Boost - H4, Wars, SA (X1 & 360)

I’m honestly not as much of an achievement fanatic as I might seem, but I do have a fondness for completing the Halo series. I’ve lost focus on it while I focused on my work and my divorce, but I’ve recently come into some free time and a sudden urge to complete what I’ve missed. I should point out I own 4 controllers, so I only need to fill 4 slots on H4, whether it’s 4 people or another guy with 4 controllers doesn’t matter to me. if you’re interested in any of the following, drop me a message on Xbox Live. GT: DarkReign2021

At this point, I’m looking for people interested in helping me finish the following:

Halo 4 - Bullseye/Champions-

I’ve finished a couple of the equipment-based achievements, but I need people with this DLC in order to get the map and gametype-specific achievements. Should be 3 Ricochet achievements, one for each of the two maps, and a couple random achievements that shouldn’t be difficult to knock out. It should take 3 matches tops.

Halo Wars -

Looking to boost ‘Running the Show’ for getting General Rank. I’m already a Brigadier general and, using the Anders/Regret boosting method, it would take 14 matches on my end to finish this. It’s definitely time consuming, so even if we don’t get all the way, even just getting a few more matches out of the way would be welcome progress.

Spartan Assault (Xbox One) - Looking to boost “Exterminator” for getting 10,000. Sitting at just under 8,300 kills already, so it’s not too far off at the moment.

(After completing the Xbox One version, I’m also seeking somebody to do the same with the 360 version. I still need the 10,000 kills and completing a level with 5 different players, but I suspect they’ll both pop on the 360 after completing a level with just one player.)

Needless to say, I do not expect to get these for free and I am willing to help you earn any achievement in any Halo game along the way. I’ve got every game in the series and map packs installed for every game except Reach (I just need to reinstall them on my new harddrive, so give me advance notice.)

I know you posted this a while ago, but if your interested I could really use some help boosting achievements for halo reach. I need 3 from the defiant map pack and anniversary maps and have 4 controllers. Message me on xbox live if interested.

My gamertag is StrandedCon