I am happy that they are fixing the matchmaking but how about fixing the broken acheivments. I finished halo CE 3 days ago and still havent got any acheivments from finishing it yet.

same i have 15 achievements ready to unlock so i hope they fix it soon i hope

Yeah, same. Wating for all my Halo 3 achievements.

I have a few achievements from Halo 1 CE that still haven’t popped nor unlocked and its been days now Talked to Microsoft and tried everything on their end but nothing so they said to contact 343 so here I am!

Completed Halo: CE as well as picking up a few skulls and finishing terminals. Still nothing. Hopefully we will get the achievements and not have to re-earn them. I had a similar problem with Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare but got all the achievements I earned a day or two after. Think I’m gonna take a break from the campaign until the problem’s fixed so I don’t have to “re-earn” them and try and find a game of multiplayer or something. Not only is it not giving me any achievements, but it’s not giving my any avatars or nameplates either.

A few friends of mine had their bugged achievements unlock, but not all.

But I still haven’t had my two bugged achievements unlock.

I’ve still waiting on a few achievements from launch day. However I’m unlocking achievements regularly. I unlocked almost 30 yesterday so its not completely bad.

also for anybody who wants 6 quick achievements, load up legendary co-op on the pillar of autumn, don’t pick up a health pack or over shield, and don’t take health damage and you’ll unlock 6 achievements in about 10 minutes. If you take health damage just reload the last check point.