Accurate model of the Epsilon Eridani system

So, about month ago, I stumbled upon a program called “Sandbox Universe”

It is a sand box, for the Universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I got the Idea one faithful morning to recreate the Epsilon Eridani star system. The System Reach resides in. Being the nerdy College student taking Astronomy I am, I did it.

Everything about the system I created is accurate. The star size, luminosity, distance from Earth, and mass. I also used data about the one known planet in the system. Epsilon Eridani b.

It orbits at about 3 AU* and is just a tar bigger then Jupiter, and orbits the star roughly every 7 years.
*AU is Astronomical Unit, which is equal to 93 million Miles, or the Distance from the Earth to the Sun.

There is also a theoretical 2nd planet in the system, which orbits at 40 AU, or just about every 280 years. It’s called Epsilon Eridani C

I added both theoretical asteroid belts, one at 2.5 AU and the other at 20 AU

Now for the Halo Lore part of it.

According to the wiki, reach orbits at 90 million miles, or just under 1 AU. It rotates every 27 hours, and is 1.08 times the size of Earth.

So, I took all these facts into consideration, and built a accurate model of the system in Universe Sandbox. Down to every last distance, mass, and rotational speed. Overview of the system Side view

I hope you guys like my little model. It was fun to make.

Also, I hope this falls in the right subforum, if not, mods, then please move it.