Accurate Forge World Coliseum remake in MCC.

I got a forge itch yesterday and made a scale replica of the Forge World Coliseum on Skyward for sits and giggles, and for anyone who wants to use it for any project. (Sorry if someone else did this already, but it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.) I kept the object count down as low as possible to allow people to build full maps inside of it without getting performance issues. It only uses 40 pieces total, but 22 if you delete the outer rocks.

Like my other remakes, I did my best to make it stupid perfect by using respawn zones for measuring and using two TVs. I spent most of my time getting the big doorway and the outer rocks spot on. The rocks are just there for the nostalgia effect while looking out the doorway, but can be deleted without affecting much. I marked the floor’s true center with the top of a column leveled with the floor since I used grass planes for the floor, ceiling and 3 walls, and did nothing decorative just to keep it simple.

Another thing I did was build it on the same location coordinates as it was in the original FW, but minus 100 for the y (depth) due to Skyward’s spacing. I did this so people could easily copy their own maps over from Reach that were built in the Coliseum and into this map. An example of how this works would be: If the original coordinates for a piece was 63x, 223y, and 45z in Reach, then you would put it at 63x, 123y, and 45z on this map.

The map is in my file share and titled “Forge World - Coliseum”. GT: Larry Tanng
Happy forging people!