Accuracy in Waypoint Info for Halo 4

This is a pet peeve of mine that I have about the organization of information in Halo: Reach and a desire to see that same info better organized in Halo 4. This has to do primarily with Campaign and FF data.

I am specifically referring to enemy classifications (for purposes of Commendations) and kill and point breakdown analysis that some of us like to perform. Let me extrapolate. Each “class” of enemy carries specific types of weapons and are assigned a specific level of difficulty to kill. Infantry carry infantry-style weapons, specialists carry “specialized” weapons like beam rifles or plasma launchers, and Leaders are the leaders of the battlefield carrying heavy weapons and are more difficult to kill than either of the other two classes.

Within the Grunts there are several classes: Minors, Majors, Specialists, and Heroes. (I may have missed one or two there.) Grunt Minors and Majors are considered infantry and carry infantry-style weapons, P. rifle, P. pistol, Needlers, etc. Specialists carry heavy weapons, but are just as easy to kill as Infantry. Grunt Heroes are tougher to kill and more often have good weapons and will actually put them to use, if allowed; they also act as Leaders and will lead packs of Grunts in attacks. The same is true of the Brutes. Brute infantry, Brute Majors and Brute Chieftains are our infantry, specialists and Leaders respectively.

The classification system now doesn’t take into account the type and species of enemy you kill but only the species of enemy. All Brutes, Jackals, Skirmishers, and Hunters are Specialists by Halo: Reach data organization, while all Grunts are Infantry and all Elites are Leaders. So you can’t actually tell how good people REALLY are at killing certain units unless you drill deep into their data for each game. A person who has 4000 Brute Chieftain kills looks the same as the person who has 4000 Jackal Minor kills. So looking at Commendations to measure how good someone is at killing “Leaders” is silly at best. (Because half of the real “Leaders,” Brute Chieftains, don’t count as Leaders in your stats or towards your commendations.)

Halo 4 should organize your campaign and FF data so that it actually shows what type of enemy you are killing. The amount of ammo it takes to kill a Grunt Major, a Jackal Major, a Brute Infantry, or an Elite Minor are all really about the same. The same goes for a Brute Chieftain or an Elite General. Each Infantry class should be counted as infantry, Specialists (SpecOps or Airborne Elites, Brute Concussion Riflers, etc.) as Specialists, and all Heroes should be counted as Heroes. How the data is actually organized I leave to 343, I just think there should be more logic in it than what we saw in Reach.