Accountability. . . Finding the Similarities and respecting the differences

If my post comes of negative, re read it again, I am not being negative, Im asking a question that hasn’t been answered yet, a question posed by the community to 343 Industries and Halo Content creators.

Halo Infinite being delayed was a good thing, right?

1. Yes, The game… AHEM I mean campaign had time to be polished up.
2. The Campaign story should be completely ; COMPLETE.
3. We had time to test out the Multiplayer through the Insider Program, so at the time, we had an idea on what it would be like…

With pass Halo tiles and the lead up to there Launch’s, it was quite common and still is to advertise the game… My opinion, Halo 5 had a really amazing Advertisement foundation going for it. I’m in the life boat that crashed really hard and can say I enjoyed Halo 5’s campaign, does it mean I liked the story? No But I enjoyed the game for what It was and still is.
Halo CE ( COMBAT EVOLVED / COMBAT WILL EVOLVE WITH EVERY HALO TITLE from new abilities and gameplay… Had in my opinion, THEE most successful launch in any game in history, fact to back up my claim, Halo kicked up the gaming world, to deny it would to be admitting heresy.
Halo 2, what more do I need to say, ya’ll know how successful it was…

Halo 3, Again, what more do I need to say?

Halo 3 ODST… Glorified DLC for Halo 3 with a new perspective, What more do I need to say?

Halo Reach… What I will say, Amazing successful launch, glad the game turned out the way it did, would of preferred if it was based on Blue team and the separation of the and chief. I got the books and comics, so Im happy no matter what.

  • Halo 4, return of the chief and what the Truth would call, “The Great Divid of The Halo Community”. Halo 4 had an amazing launch and was successful despite what those who backtrack there claims would say. If it didn’t, Halo 5 and Infinite wouldn’t have happened, despite Halo being Microsofts money maker.
    What people tend to forget is that Bungie wanted to change Halo, but in my opinion couldn’t because how they ended Halo 2, not 3, but Halo 2. Those who know, know that Halo 2 - 3 story was crammed into 1 game but went through development heII and was reworked, all for the better too. But how the game ended more likely did seal the fate for future projects with bungie and Halo ; introducing new mechanics such as Spartan Abilities - Armor Abilities. With Halo Reach, they probably wish they did things differently… This is one of my big pet peeves, why add something cool later on, when it could of been add earlier? Doesnt matter now, the games all launched “successfully” but looking back now, all of us could say, “Yeah, what gives, better choices could have been made.”
    Bungie is now use to this concept, with Destiny 1 VS Destiny 2 same story, but different story events = Bad story telling.

343 Industries expanded on what Bungie did with Halo Reach and did it better in mine and many others opinion, from gameplay, storytelling and expanding the Halo Universe to where you, your spartan can exist in, with a backstory.

  • As for Launches, with how Halo 5 turned out and with Halo Infinites Multiplayer released and Campaign on its way…

A big question is yet to be answered…

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? ( Multiplayer complaints / backlash )
Looking back, Halo Infinite wasn’t being advertised, can’t blame Covid, can’t create an excuse 343 Industries / Microsoft…

The game is going to launch, ( CAMPAIGN ) when this does, regardless of how great the reviews, Multiplayer and the response to the backlash WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED. How you handle it now, speaks volumes later. Take my word 343 Industries, Im a die hard fan for you guys, i will defend you from the convent, but I will not defend you from the Halo Community, a Community I am apart of, ashamed of and at a difference when it comes to my Opinion of many things vs every other individual opinion on other things.

What Ive seen is a lot of catering to 1 small group of players, CONTENT CREATORS / Halo Youtubers.
This speaks alot on how the development of the title, Halo Infinite has progressed over the last couple Years / Months.
Constructive criticism is still criticism that can mentally hurt, so I get where you will feel the need to defend yourselves, but how you respond tells us fans how you’re handling accountability. You’re a “ Fortune 500 Company “ put your consumers first, not use them.


Now, with Multiplayer out, we learned a couple things…

1. A whole team hand picked by 343 Industries were playing the game since JANUARY 2020 or 2021 ; Called The Forerunners
Im sure someone can find the link with how long they been playing, but it was well before the Insider flights were even announce officially.

  • These players consisted of Halo content creators on Youtube / Twitch to pro players and devs.
    They had the chance to play Multiplayer, Forge and the Campaign.
    Let it be known, that they were the ones giving feedback to 343 Industries for a good time frame until the flights were announced… Ask yourself, why we casual players were asked to give feedback for the flights if nothing was taken into consideration now that the Multiplayer is out?
    343 Industries didn’t care to listen to the casual main audience, we now know this, especially with the backlash / outburst from reddit too twitter and discord. 343 Industries only cared / cares to listen to "The Forerunner team” Go to twitter and you can see this for yourself.
    Factor in there response, the slap heard across the Halo Universe, the slap to the Halo fan base.
    With what we have now in Multiplayer, It stands to reason that The way the game is launched ( Multiplayer ) Is how it was intended be the whole time.
    The people benefiting from this are Microsoft, 343 Industries and the “The Forerunner Team”, They can deny it all they want, but they will only do that to stay on 343 Industries good side

Best response Ive seen too prove this ADD “H” then search link


2. Battle pass / Progression system

Im on the belief that The Forerunner team was aware of this “issue” and that it didn’t matter to them because they more likely had access to the whole battle pass and had pre recorded videos ready to upload like they were just unlocking as they played, I say that, cause if you go back through any of the Halo Youtubers who were picked, you now can see that the videos was pre recorded and that the consistency to there uploads of gameplay vs talking about it don’t align and that there speech patterns are past tense vs pre tense.
It may matter now to them because they’re being called out and there facing backlash as well now that everyone knows that they tried speaking on behalf of all Halo fans of what we want and don’t want.
You people need to realize that this is were the community gets divided, but both sides fail to realize that Halo content creators are speaking for us rather we want it or not, regardless, this is where 343 Industries and the Halo content creators will try and suppress the community by stating that the community is to “Toxic”, to “needy” or to “whiny”, when all were trying to do is point out how flawed the game is and that this whole time we felt baited.

The community or at least the ones with a brain now know not to trust “Most content creators” the ones being that weren’t hand picked and actually speak up on real issues that could lead to being blacklisted from 343 Industries or other gaming companies for sponsorships / events.

3. Pay to look cool / Battle Pass Users VS Non Battle Pass Users.

If you didn’t buy the battle pass, have fun with the limited, limited customization, et alone progressing through the battle pass only to unlock stuff but can’t use it until you drop the $10 - $25 dollars to get the battle pass or upgraded battle pass.

Battle pass users, well I think its safe to say you guts can add in the comments on why the battle pass progression system is the worst in any game to date and that the challenges / challenge swaps contradict each other with the fiesta playlist, ( I MEAN THE RANDOM GAME MODES PICKED FOR YOU. )

It’s pretty safe to say that this was the plan the whole time and should have been expected when the Multiplayer was announced free to play.
But this shows that THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS behavior or response from 343 Industries and from the Halo content creators who were picked for the Forerunner team.
Some of the forerunner players are now “backtracking" there words to defend themselves, but all while defending 343 Industries to not burn there bridges with them, understandable, but grow a pair and actually speak up, if its not done now, then later you content creators are going to claim that 343 Industries killed Halo or go back and re-claim that 343 Industries killed the Halo Formula all while trying to hide the fact you helped create what Halo Infinite is today and having your names forever sewed into the end credits of the game.

So take accountability you content creators.

What do you guys think ; On how things could of been handled with the hand book on how to launch a game being out since day 1 of gaming?