Account temporarily banned?

I was playing regicide and when the game was over i got a notification that i had been temporarily banned does anyone know how long these bans last?

Although i was never banned on 4, my guess is its the same as Reach.

1st - 24hrs

2nd - 48hrs

3rd - 1 week

4th - perm

I hate to mention this…but ppl who know programming can bypass them. I happen to b one of them, but it takes time to bypass. If you think about it, its silly to get banned on Halo 4. its not like your boosting for achievements. i can understand Reach, b/c of their limited MM achievements, but in 4. All u have is win 5 and 25 times. What’s the purpose in boosting in Halo 4 if their are no achievements. Cuz now those who boost, just want to rank up by their commendations, basically cheating.

do you think you could tell me how to bypass it?

You need two computers and you need to understand javascript. if you dont, then you can’t

ha nm over my head