Account Problems

I’m new to the forums so bear with me here.My account on Halo 4 is not accessible. When I put the disc in I am now a level one, I cannot change my armor or colors or emblem, I also can’t look at challenges, or see my service record. It’s as if my account was offline. I checked my connection I also made sure that the in game setting is Xbox Live. Also when I log into waypoint on the computer it says I haven’t played Halo 4 yet even though I was a 39. So can somebody aid me as to how I should resolve this problem of mine.

Thanks FR 2Sik

I have the same problems, but also on waypoint website when i click on my halo 4 stats give me an error HALO WAYPOINT SERVICE PROBLEM with an error code that change every time i try to see my stats please some help.


Same problem here. I also tried loging on my brother xbox with another network and it’s not working.