I have been playing for a total of about 14 hours, and just now my challenges were not updating, so I restarted my game, and I am getting an attention error that says my account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite. (PC PLAYER) Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I just attempted to log on and I got the same message. Must be glitchin’

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> On steam I was able to get it working by:
> 1. quit infinite
> 2. quit steam
> 3. start steam
> 4. start infinite

I looked further and found this; it worked!

same here … was really enjoying it overall!

Ive even rebooted my computer and quit steam but i`ll try that .

Just reinstalled the whole game , still “ACCOUNT NOT AUTHORIZED”

like what? this is the microsoft account thats tied to the flight ughhh… maybe later tonight’s matchmaking session it will clear up?

I had it happen to me on Xbox, since I’m playing on Xbox One and not the Series X. It’s funny, because I got to play it on Steam for a couple of days, and it runs really well. That, and the Steam version didn’t give me the same message. Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue. Tried the following:

Used the Windows Key to close the game since I couldn’t get past the ‘Enter’ screen. Closed Steam from the icon tray, and rebooted my system. This did not work. Then rebooted, and tried again from the desktop icon - still no dice. Next, ended task on Steam after closing the game. Tried running Steam as administrator, and running from the play button in Steam itself. This also failed. Any ideas?

I may try to verify the game files, and go from there. Will keep you all posted.

UPDATE: Just submitted a ticket, and then verified the game files. Attempted to log in again, and I am still getting the error.

I have the same issue. People on Reddit think it’s because we can’t play during the week but the phrasing in the invite literally says otherwise; “Matchmaking services will only be available during the set play sessions listed below for both weekends. Training Mode and Weapon Drills will be available throughout the flight, but please know that you will not be able to matchmake outside of the coordinated play sessions.”

The Halo Infinite Technical Preview is now offline, but will return on the evening of September 30th [PT]. A specific time has yet to be announced. There is no need to delete or uninstall your build.