Account leveling and more

Is there any Info about Account leveling coming?
Im just at this point bored to play Infinite to grind only my BattlePass

  • Double Kills etc are complete irrelevant, cuz u get no xp for your Account
  • Always the same Challenges
  • Why can i customize my Emblem, when there is no pre Game Lobby or something else, nobody will see this
  • While the match is loading, i cant customize my Spartan, i just have to wait for the next match
  • Map vote, but before that, we need more Maps, just put some Halo 1-reach maps in please
  • More modes, like infected, action sack, King of the hill
  • Almost everyone has the same Spartan , because everyone equips their latest Battlepass reward

I just want an Account leveling system to grind on something else than the BP, please :smiley: