Account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite?

I don’t get it. I sign in with the account from Halo Insider. A key was sent to my Xbox Insider Account to download for Steam. At the main menu of the Halo Infinite Beta it requires you to sign into Xbox. I sign in with that Insider account and it says “Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite.” Don’t ask me to make sure it’s the same account, it’s the same account. Everybody else is playing and this is nonsense.

Can someone that works with Halo Infinite development get me into this build so I can play? Why would you send me a key and not authorize me?

I played a round of bots at 330 AM PT, no issues. Come home from work at 8am and now my account isn’t authorized. Idk what’s goin on

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> I played a round of bots at 330 AM PT, no issues. Come home from work at 8am and now my account isn’t authorized. Idk what’s goin on

I left it to download overnight hoping to play this morning and I can’t even sign in. I see people streaming on Twitch. I just want to play Halo lol

Same here, it’s giving me the same thing.

Keep restarting the game, worked for me (PC). Took quite a few tries, also try restarting your PC.

I finally got through. Let’s get it!

Same. It was working for me last night

It was just doing that to me, I closed the application a few times before it worked

I keep receiving the same message. Signed out and back in, nothing. Now reinstalling infinite insider. Hopefully that will work.

30 minutes ago it worked for me (Xbox Series X). Now I want to start again but also the same error as topic starter…

I was playing Training Mode, then the game crashed while i was trying to change a key binding and now i have the same problem…

Im sooo… confused!

I got confirmation email
Not gotten invite yet on mail OR on Waypoint

On the waypoint Halo Insider page over the list of flights.
The newest for Halo Infinite, this flight is XBOX and ACTIVE

My XBSX have downloaded the H:I flight update.

Even no email or message, I tried to for the funzies, play anyway.
Got the not authorized blabla.

Well, tried again, as Impatient as I am…

Now Im IN withouth mail or message clarification, invite and instructions messages???

Im not complaining, just… WTF???

Well… kebab, soda and gaming Training mode now… punching walls.

We need fistfight playlists! :smiley:

Support still hasn’t given me a proper solution or response. All they keep asking me is to make sure I’m signed in correctly like I’m some incompetent idiot. You guys made me waste my weekend constantly downloading this -Yoink- build to my console. signing in and out and restarting over and over again just to play 3 matches and have this issue happen again. Regardless if this is a beta or not at least let the people that registered have access and support them when there’s issues instead of giving us an automated response. I am done wasting my time with this beta testing, insider crap What’s even more frustrating is my cousin is able to access it at any point with no issues. Why are some people having no issues but then the rest of us can barely even get this stupid thing to load. Selling my console immediately and never coming back to XBOX. Never had any issues with Sony, nothing but issues everywhere I go when it comes to Halo and XBOX.

Had a small update, but I thought we were able to play with bots or even weapon training till “Weekend 2”. Its saying that my account isnt authorized to play. Is this a bug or we cant even train till this weekend?

same issue. the support page says to make sure you are in the proper account and that no other accounts are signed in. This is the only Microsoft account that’s ever been signed in on this PC, and it’s the only one i’ve ever used, but somehow it’s not authorized. wtf?

Mine is doing the same, played last weekend and now it won’t let me in.

The Halo Infinite Technical Preview is now offline, but will return on the evening of September 30th [PT]. A specific time has yet to be announced. There is no need to delete or uninstall your build.