How the mo -Yoink- do I get it back or get it emailed to me again?

Recommend seeking help from Xbox Support.

While others have been saying they haven’t gotten the codes, your different now.

Just explain, “Hey, I just saw my specializations email for Halo 4, but I accidentally deleted it. Is there a possibility I could get another email or a token to input into my Xbox? Any help with this would be grateful.”

I’m sure they’ll just set you up with a token. I’m a LE buyer, but, believe it or not, my card for specializations along with my war games codes were stolen out of my packaging before I picked up my stuff. After getting proof of purchase, they issued me two tokens and now I’m peachy.

Just be polite about it, offer up suggestions, and if you get an answer you don’t like, just remain polite about it. They’ll work with you on it.

thanks very much