Accidentally starting a ranked match while viewing "Last Match Results"

Can this option be removed from Ranked play, or all together? I understand the necessity for speedy quick play games, but sometimes while I’m looking at the Last Match Results screen I hit the X button twice and am in a match before I even notice it because I’m looking elsewhere and didn’t realize it. I get that this is on me, but this “Feature” has caused more stress as sometime I put the controller down and try to break in between games, only to be in the kitchen and hear “Team Slayer”…and have to run back to the TV not even knowing I was queuing up.

I have experienced this before, but I think it’s fine because at least it’s your choice to accidentally start the search again. What’s more annoying than that is not being able to navigate other screens (ie Challenges) while searching; it stops the search. => be thankful you can view stats while searching.

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If you’re tapping buttons as quick as you suggest, doesn’t the game cancel out of a queue when you interrupt the countdown timer?