accidentally entered gmail on steam ver, cant chng

so yeah. for some reason it asked me to sign into xbox again when I opened it, so I did. but I accidentally wrote [adress] instead of [adress] So it asked for a verification code, but as the email I typed doesn’t exist, no code was sent out. I thought “no problem” and clicked on the thing to fix the adress. I now wrote hotmail. and clicked next, and nothing happened. this is where I’m stuck. on the “change your (for some reason) username” thing. I’d attach a screenshot but I don’t think I can add links. I retype my email adress as the correct one, but nothing happens, No matter what i click it stays there. I can only open the terms of use and privacy and cookies thing. I can’t even go back to ask for the verification code again.

yes, I reset the game. yes I reset my computer. Yes I reinstalled the game, and nothing. I literally can’t play the game. I rlly need a monitor’s help rn so they can possibly fix my game. its likely now attached to my steam account, which doesn’t make sense as I had ALREADY played with my correct xbox account.