Accidentally deleted specialization code...

So I pre purchased Halo 4,and I DID recieve the code on my Xbox system in my mail…I wrote it down and then accidentally deleted it…I apparantley wrote it down wrong because when I went to redeem it,it didn’t work…So now I don’t have my code and don’t know how to get it back…Please help me in this situation…I’m stuck at level 70 and can’t pass it until I get my code…Please contact me at

LOLOL! That stinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

check ur email inbox bro :slight_smile:

Can someone help me? I deleted the code sent to me for the specializations and I don’t know how to get it back. Is there someway to find deleted messages on my Xbox? Also I never got an e-mail with the code in it so I can’t get the code from my e-mail.