Accidental betrayal leads to booting!

Why do i always get booted when it is an accident but when i get killed or a friend gets killed on purpose we do not get the option to boot. And when i say on purpose, it is blatant. I’m sick of this. It just happened in a game i was playing and i was doing really good and i accidently ran some over in the chaos around the fight and then i get booted. 343 please explain this too me because if this issue is not resolved in Halo 4 i probably wont be keeping it very long. It has gone on since halo 2 and its seriously getting old. Please fix this.

halo 4 will now have a voting option for booting. just like in L4D. enjoy!

I agree. Sometimes I get the option to boot and I choose to forgive if I’m no sure if it was an accident. Then, if I get betrayed more, I don’t have the option to boot the entire rest of the match.

Suppose you’ve got think what the team mate you killed was thinking, maybe he was on a long killstreak when you ran him over and in a fit of rage he booted you. Just got to accept as long as you play reach this will happen, happened to me plenty of times as does the deliberate betrayals, I just betray them back as couldn’t care less if they boot me as the match will have lost it’s appeal.

I thought the option to boot is a cumulative effect? - If you’re getting booted it is probably as a result of you consistently betraying, either as a deliberate team killer or through clumsiness - neither of which get my sympathy.