Accessibility is important! Please rely on names and not military acronyms in game UI!

I just got a challenge that said “Kill Enemy Spartans with the M247 HMG in PvP”. I had no idea what kind of weapon that was and had to Google it. “Machine Gun Turret” is all we need. I know it’s cool for lore or for the gun nerds out there, but accessibility is the most important part of UI and game design. Especially since 343 are pretty good at new and unique names. The dialog clips referring to acronyms are fine, but it’s really bad for anything else.

A new player with no weapons background looking at the various menus wouldn’t know what these acronyms mean. I’ve played Halo for years and often struggle with these terms since prior Halo menus rely on their full names. It’s great when there’s a reference, like when you’re actively in-game, but when setting up a custom game, looking at the menu for the academy, weapon settings while dealing with bots, it’s a bit more of a struggle.


It would be appreciated if there was an accessibility option to simplify certain wording around the UI, such as the voice selector simply referring to the choices as option 1, 2 etc & perhaps just simplifying weapon names such as referring to the Bulldog simply as ‘Shotgun’

I know some choices are made for immersion but I’m slightly thrown off sometimes, it’d be a nice help.


Agreed! And more identity could be given with terms like “Bulldog Shotgun”, or “Sidekick Pistol” while still being consistent with the older versions of the weapons.

“MA41” or “M41” doesn’t really have any meaning without context. Especially since one’s an automatic weapon, and the other shoots rockets. And neither “Assault Rifle” nor “Rocket Launcher” start with an M.

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How would you differentiate that from the warthog turret considering that the kill feed icon is the same?
And then deliniate between warhog turrets?

Its fine as is.
HMG is heavy machine gun. anyone can figure that out if they play any shooters.

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It’s the MA40 assult rifle and the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher.
Says so in the games UI and in the pck up prompt.

But Halo isn’t based on other shooters. It’s based on Halo, and Halo’s biggest identity is ease of access.
It’s also referred to as a “stationary machine gun” often through Halo history.

Thats… thats the worst logic I have ever heard.
And that is not what it’s reffered to as in the majority of halos

I saw that. I immediately went to the training room to see what weapon it was. After checking both three times I realized that it was the turret. I’m glad the warthog turret counts, I was worried that I would have to use the mounted turret which I’ve only seen on one map.

HMG = “heavy machinegun”. I’d prefer if 343i used the full word but oh well.

I really agree about the names. I still, in this very thread, mix up the bulldog shotgun and the commando rifle. I think in the future I’m going to add the name of the type weapon it is next to it so I don’t mix them up.

I hate the Commando’s full name. “VK78 Commando” doesn’t mean anything outside of the game. It’s literally giving me two names. I’m glad I don’t have to learn to call it the VK78 like some FPS games but adding that on top of Commando, making it come first too, really throws me off. 343i made a mistake by not putting the easy to remember name first and the complicated letters second. I understand that this is a part of the worldbuilding but it comes at the cost of making the entry hill steeper.

MA40, 75, VK78, MK50, CQS48, S7, and M41 are all arbitrary. I wish Halo: Infinite had mod support. I’d cut those letters off. At the very least I’d put them after the primary name of the weapon like the BR75.