Accessibility for left handle people by changing the place of the weapon

Please like others competitive shooters add the posibility to change the weapon location from right to left


What does that have to do with accessibility? Representation, sure, but accessibility?

Its about OPTIONS. It dosent have to do with political representation/ inclusion all the time.

Im a lefty but as in supposed " role playing games " your alter ego can baarely be lefty but through some hoops. So much for you being a different you.
Same thing with FPS shooters. Yes, Im no dev but is it THAT much work to flip, mirror then recorrect details, text on say weapons? I know the casing ejection port is on the right side etc. Still.

Lefties make up about 12 to 18 % of worlds population, of those many live in countries with gamers. All else is taken care of inclusevely but yet again we lefties are left in the dust by any side and group it seems.