Access to Screenshots on the PC

Hi Folks,

Sorry if this is a repeated topic, but I couldn’t find a search function on here? But anyways, I’m just wondering if I’m able to view my screenshots online yet, so that I can email my friend a couple of our pics from our Halo 4 marathon this weekend. Do I have to upload to file share, or anything like that? I know with Reach I could just view recent screenshots. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks people!

Unfortunately, right now there is no web access to your screenshots yet. The File Share system is still being worked on at the moment, and there is no set date for its return. 343i will let us know as soon as the feature is ready to go online.

Hope that helps!

Enjoy! Halo 4 Screenshots - on your computer

Ok, thanks guys, I thought that might be the case about not being able to get the pics on the web yet. Also thanks for that info on the screen shot extractor, maybe I’ll try it out.

See you online!