Access Spartan Ops after dropping GOLD status

I understand that accessing Spartan Ops content requires an xbox live gold membership.

I have no interest in maintaining an xbox gold membership, but I might be willing to buy one month in order to access the Spartan Ops content.

After having done this, will I be able to continue to play the downloaded Spartan Ops content in “solo” mode once my gold account expires and/or I disconnect from the internet?


No. Playing Spartan Ops always requires a Gold membership, regardless of whether you’re playing alone, or whether you’ve played it before. Although it is downloaded to you HD, it remains walled off without the Gold membership. Sorry.

Exactly what @eben gibon king said previously, it is a feature within the game, but it is only available to Xbox Live Gold members. I just thought I would clarify this in one simple sentence.

You can’t do that.
I wish we could, but sadly, no.