Abysmal framerate

Give this thread a read. I highly recommend trying out these settings.


i mean, the optimization did improve… back in the flight my computer had somehow 10 fps in the main sodding menues
the current game around 50-60 in the menues… on low settings btw

mind you games like cod cold war and battlefront 2 2015 i can run perfetly fine at a 60+ fps, on medium to high settings. and they look equally as good, if not better actually, than halo infinite… whiles the optimization has improved. it’s still dog-

Hard to believe you would even create this thread running a crappy old Radeon.

“Why do Nvidia cards run well?”

because 5 years ago, when your card was made, AMD still kinda sucked. Regardless of vram/clock speed, Nvidia had far superior products back then, some people say they still do. Youre running a low end budget card that’s half a decade old. The game lacks optimization, sure. But the reason for your 35 fps is right in front of you man.

puh leaze, the RX 470 holds 40 fps in Cyberpunk 2077, just because you have an Nvidia -Yoink!- doesn’t change that the RX 400-500 GPUs are VERY respectable GTX 980 equivalents.