Abysmal framerate

RX 470 is more comparable to a 1060, on youtube watch?v=oPHj8azOW4o shows it running well

Hi guys good morning, look i have a Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon vega 8 and 8gb of ram, and when im playing the game and i go to video settings its says that i should use 1,99 of the VRAM but that actually im using 2,60. Do you now how i can get to the ideal use of VRAM?

He’s not playing at 1080p though. He is playing on 1366x807, which is just barely above HD aka 720p.
Your game would run around 50-60 fps too if you would lower your resolution to that I suppose.

Also check your FOV, he’s playing at 78°, a bigger FOV will also result in lower performance.

1060 is not running the game on 60FPS ultra setting at 1080p. It runs slightly above HD.
That is nearly half the pixel count that FullHD aka 1080p has. The 1060 in his Video also is a 5GB VRAM card, where the RX 470 only has 4GB VRAM. We don’t exactly know how VRAM sensitive this game is, if other programs might eat away at GPU performance (like Wallpaper Engine, Discord, Browser in Background etc.)

Because your GPU might be a go to card for 1080P gaming YEARS ago. Today it is 6600 series when talking about AMD. And no, your CPU is nothing like 8 core ZEN 2 in Series X.

My Xbox One loads the game and maps ludicrously faster than my PC, when it should probably be the opposite.

System specs:
Ryzen 3200G 4-core, 3.6 GHz processor
GTX 1660 Super
8 GB memory set at 2933 MHz
Crucial P2 250GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD
WD Blue 3D NAND 500GB Internal SSD - SATA III 6Gb/s

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Anyone else’s framerate tank into the single digits if your Ghost gets damaged? I had that happen and it was unplayable until I hopped out of the cost and my frame rate went back to normal. Funny thing is, everyone around me was fine. It was just me in the Ghost who was dipping frames. I had to ditch it to get it back to normal.

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4 Cores and 8GB RAM is not that much, so performance may not be optimal.
Where did you install your game on? SSD or NVMe? And what are the loading time differences?
Like is it 3 vs 10 seconds or like 10 seconds vs 1 minute?

The Xbox One only has 8 GB of DDR3 memory, compared to 8 GB of DDR4 memory in my PC. While its CPU is 8-core as opposed to 4, it’s based on AMD’s 2013 Jaguar architecture and not the much more modern Ryzen architecture, and the clock speed is only 1.75 GHz compared to 3.6 GHz. The storage is an HDD, not an SSD like my computer. Overall, my PC should be more capable than the Xbox One in every way–processing power, graphics, memory, and storage speed.

Load times:
3-5 seconds (initial load)
5-10 seconds (loading maps)

2+ minutes (initial load)
2-3+ minutes (loading multiplayer map)

This isn’t an exaggeration.

Loading times were the same on both the Serial ATA SSD and the NVMe SSD. I initially installed it on the ATA one, then transferred it to the NVMe (my OS drive) with no noticeable improvement.

Task manager showed, during loading, 100% CPU usage and 1-2% drive usage. I suspect I could have had it installed on a 5400 rpm hard disk drive and the loading wouldn’t have been any slower than on the SSDs. Especially since the Xbox One has an HDD and loads much, much faster than my PC.

The only explanation I can think of would be some sort of bug bogging down loading significantly on my PC.

Edit: Transferring the entire game from the ATA SSD to the NVMe SSD was faster by a large margin than loading a multiplayer map in-game.

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To begin with, we really need to stop with the misconception that roughly equally specced PCs “should outrun consoles in every way”. Consoles are highly optimized, from OS to Games. A PC cannot even get close to this level of optimization.

Now to your actual problem. This sounds like your CPU is completely maxed out already during the loading and is already going as fast as it can. The Data on your SSD needs to be loaded into RAM, VRAM etc. Currently, the CPU does all that, and if the files are compressed, it also needs to decompress them. You said your CPU is at 100% constantly, which I would say is the bottleneck in this situation. It only has 4 cores and only 4 threads, the Xbox CPU has 8 cores and 8 threads and is custom made for the Xbox, which means while it is slower, it can do twice as many things at the same time and probably has specialized features to do that better than the average PC.

Like I said it many times in this thread, chances are performance will get better over time but console comparisons should not be taken in as a proof of anything.

I know that console versions of games can be optimized better than PC games can. But that’s not enough to explain the vast difference in loading time between my PC and the Xbox. If anything, my PC’s loading time should at the very least be on par with the Xbox One’s loading time, not more than an order of magnitude worse. My PC isn’t roughly equal in specs to the Xbox One–it has much higher specs.

Yes, clearly the loading is being bottlenecked by my CPU being maxed out, but the question is why. If the Xbox One’s Jaguar CPU can load maps in ten seconds it shouldn’t take my Ryzen processor three minutes to do so.

I’m not counting on this problem being fixed, but unless it is, I won’t be playing Infinite.

For what it’s worth, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst loads faster on my PC than on my Xbox, as I would hope it would, considering the specification differences. Everspace loads way faster on my PC than on my Xbox.

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I don’t know how either Infinite or the others store their data on storage, but it could completely be possible that the other games either don’t have the same amount of data to load, use a better compression or none at all.
It’s hard to say from the distance through a forum and thus I cannot say anything else than “the CPU is the bottleneck as it cannot keep up with the data or something else the game does in the background”. I hope that it will be addressed in the future since technically your CPU does meet minimum requirements, but since it is only the loading that is affected, I don’t know if it is any priority right now.

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Complete shot in the dark but can you launch in admin mode? Does it still load slow?

I’ve since uninstalled the game, but otherwise I would try it.

dont worry about the xbox one out performing you. Playing on Xbone feel like the game runs on stop motion animation.

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My CPU isn’t bottlenecking the game by any means as people with equivalent NVIDIA cards can run this game at 60fps with the same CPU.
Lowering my resolution does not give me the same framerates as equivalent NVIDIA cards, the fact is the game is badly coded for AMD GPU’s, so badly in fact that AMD released an experimental driver simply titled the Halo Infinite Driver LMAO

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Okay, WTF, disabling HUD doubled my framerate. I still get drops major, lowest settings 760p, but my my this game is badly optimised


Open your Radeon software and tell us what you have set its performance to.

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Scratch the above, please update your Graphics driver to 22.2.3 which is the latest as of right now.

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it’s obviously not built for pc like they said it was. runs better on consoles.