Abysmal framerate

I have an RX 470, a “1080p 60fps beast” GPU that is at least as good as what is found in the Xbox One X.
I have a Ryzen 5 1600 AF, a CPU that is similar to what is found in the Xbox Series X.
I have 16GB of RAM.

So why is my machine being outperformed by the Xbox One family? With everything on the lowest settings and the resolution scaler set to the lowest it can go, I’m still getting around 35fps with 100% GPU usage. The game looks better on the base Xbox One. The game looks better on the Xbox One X and runs at 60fps.

What is going on? There is no excuse for this. This game doesn’t look so good that it should run this badly. There are better looking games like Battlefield that will run above 60fps on a 750 Ti.

Yes, my drivers are up to date.


set min fps to your max, give it a try.

Still getting 35fps on average

I mean dude I put my minimum FPS on 100

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Try setting it to off. When I had it set to anything but off, I was getting 30fps with a 3070. After I made the change, smooth sailing. Really weird.

Hope it works!

whatever works best ay!

Removing minimum FPS changes my average to around 38-44

weird. i have a 1060 6gb and set min to 60 from 30, was getting 40-50 but now get solid 60.

The difference is, you may have equal Hardware to a console, but games can be optimized far better for a console since it has static hardware in contrast to a PC where nearly every human on earth has a different config for his PC. Also, in a console, the OS footprint is minimal. Windows or other programs in the background can take up that precious CPU and GPU resource so while both max be 100% it may not all go to the game.

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Yeah optimisation is the keyword here when better looking games run smoothly on a 750 Ti. A game that looks like this should not have 100% GPU utilisation

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Define “better looking games run better on a 750 Ti”. What game exactly are you talking about?

Any recent Battlefield, Doom, or even Halo 2 Anniversary. The game looks good but not so good that it should run like this on an RX 470.

At or below Xbox One S settings mind you

Albania can you do a test? Try the map launch pad in a solo custom game and tell me if you suddernly get 60fps

Test the fps on launch pad in a custom game

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The RX 470 comes in 4GB and 8GB VRAM. It’s a 5 year old card that in it’s days already was a mid-tier card.
It is comparable to a 1050ti which already is listed as the bare minimum to run the game. Minimum settings usually are meant to be “all settings low, 30fps”.
The OG Xbox One runs this game on 30fps too as far as I know so your performance isn’t that out of the line.
The Xbox One X has a more powerful GPU, in the ballpark of a RX 580 or 1060 according to some tech websites, but like I said that’s always hard to compare as you can squeeze out more performance out of a console than a same specced PC.

They will probably optimize this game further in the future, but I would not expect much of a change to be honest. A few frames here and there, but I’d say nothing that would boost your fps from around 30 to around 60. If your GPU is at 100% utilization, there is not much else for them to do.

Edit: I know this was not the news you hoped to hear and I get where you are coming from but sadly there is not much left to do in this regard. You can try lowering the resolution to gain frames, change some settings if not all of them are on low already or hope for a driver optimization that includes your card for a bit of extra performance. The MP is in beta currently so who knows, maybe they’ll do end up freeing up more performance, but I’d caution to be prepared for that not to happen.

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Then why does the game run fine on equivalent NVIDIA cards

There are some known issues. Like the following:

  • Older AMD GPU drivers can lead to poor performance.
    • Updating drivers to the most recent version fixes this.

or this one:

  • Players with AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPUs may crash if Async Compute in the Video Settings is set to On.
    • Disabling Async Compute fixes this.

Try to disable Async Compute and update your drivers, maybe that will help.

Drivers are up to date, and have tried with and without Asynchronous Compute

From the Videos I found online the 1050ti@1080p with everything set to low, runs between 30 and 40 fps, depending on the map, with sometimes heavy stuttering and drops below 30fps.

Admittedly, those are from the second flight so there might have been improvement since then, but that would pit that GPU also around your performance or am I wrong?

Edit: Also, Infinite uses GPU tech that may perform worse depending on age and manufacturer of said GPU.
The 750 Ti could not even boot up the second flight as it was missing support for DX12 features.

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