Abundance of UE4 Fatal Errors After Update (Reach)

After the latest update that was pushed, I am receiving this stupid error multiple times per day now. I’m also sick of having to kill the game via Task Manager. If it crashes - Kill the damn thing!

What did you mess up in the update for it to keep crashing? I’ve verified all files, absolutely nothing wrong on my end.

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I has the same problem A friend told me how to this fix this and it worked for me.

A. Goto Settings
B. Select Gameplay
C. In list on left select Halo 3
D. Turn Off New Skins

Like I said it worked for me. Hope this helps :wink:

This helped me quite a bit, actually got to a bonus round before the error showed up again. I don’t understand why now I keep crashing when before I could play reach firefights just fine.

Glad It Worked Out! :wink:

It wouldn’t suprise me if the issues were due to the new armors for reach in S8. I have had both crashes in firefight and in matchmaking more often since this season started. Prior to the update my crashes would mostly happen in CE or H3.

I had this crash as well.

At least for me it happened when my NVIDIA driver was updated to 497.29. Once I reverted it the game worked fine.

So if you have NVIDIA that might be the issue.