Absolute garbage!!!

I would like to say I have been a great halo fan from the very beginning and was looking forward to halo wars 2 a very great amount
So you can imagine it’s difficult for me to say that this game has been very disappointing thus far
Every one only rushes with marines and it’s total garbage
Then you re-released a game we already had! (Halo wars 1) with a new (cartoony) skin on it
Then to make things worse you took away great units
Where’s the elephants? Hawks? And that tech van (can’t remember the name of it)
I was looking forward to at least see a mantis guess it’ll be in a dlc…
I understand there’s enough mini bases to where there is no need for the elephants ability to train infantry but you could have made it to where when it locks down its ant-everything and when on the move it has no purpose
And I’m very shocked that they did not give every unit a second ability…talk about lack of creativity!
I know that bungie has created an immersive halo world and it’s a big shoe for the next of kin to fill… but come on I feel you guys gave no effort into a very long awaited game…
You had blitz packs for sale even before the pre-release version for people who over paid for the highest tier edition of the game kind of shows your just looking for a cash crop and not customer satisfaction in my eyes
You created blitz for people looking to rush alot but instead created a normal multi-player experience which enables you to get bent over and just railed by marines… you can’t have a nice long battle with friends because everyone has exploited this easy strategy
I feel that you are killing the halo experience for long term fans from the beginning and selling a complete new franchise to the new younger generations that have no idea of what is going on (had this thought after playing halo 5, you jumped on the cod band wagon)
I guess it was too hard to at least create a promethian leader considering you literally already have all the types of units for them introduced into the halo world…
It’s sickening that game companies pump as little as they can into the original game and sell it for way over price
A little more creativity would be nice is all I’m saying
I work hard for my money and I grew up in a generation where gamers would get their money worth
I guess times have changed and it may be time to quit wasting money on your poorly thought out cash generating garbage
One pissed off gamer

Hey OP, you’re better providing this kind of feedback in the pinned Design feedback threads in the main Halo Wars 2 forums. This forum here is strictly for reporting bugs and issues. Please remember to be constructive when offering feedback and use any templates provided in the first posts a thread (if applicable).