About to hit 50 in BTB in under 20 games.

Yea so trick is to play by yourself and don’t allow yourself to join in progress. I recommend not playing against pre-made teams of 8. Also, don’t play with a team of 8, because all you are doing is cannibalizing your ranks. Most importantly, most people don’t understand that BTB ranks individually, and that you need to run out and just try and score points as fast as possible. Try to kill the other teams vehicles, as this is where the most points lie. If you really aren’t very good, don’t worry. Vote exile everytime and grab the tank. This can be done by putting on wheelman, running to the mongoose ( red or blue spawn), driving to the tank, and hopping in it. If you aren’t very good with the tank it doesn’t matter, all you need to do is kill two enemy vehicles and you are already at 80 points or so.

Over the span of the 15-16 or so games I’ve played, here is how I placed.
One 7th and one 8th place- vs premade teams.
One third place
4 Second place
The rest were first place

Winning does not matter, only your individual score.
My roommate insists on watching CNN right now, I’ll ding 50 later.
Anyways, I need people who are interested in ranking up in the team based playlists. Let me know.