About to give up on infinite

So first of let me say i love this game,
Ive played since i was a kid when halo CE came out and played every single halo to date.

I get infinite has lack of content im fine for the most part with that as i love the core gameplay but these lag and desync issues are just getting worse, it doesnt help majority of the server’s i get are non Eu and i end up with high pings.

But today lots of 20ms ping games fantastic so i thought, ive been getting shot round corners, hits not detecting.
I was just in a game on team tac that i shot before the other guy did he didnt shot and i was dead, but 3-4 seconds later he dies from me when im already dead.

Ive played a total of around 8-10 games and 3 of which i got disconnected from due to ping spikes, dont get this issue on ANY other games other than halo.

I want to play but i think now is the time to just walk away from infinite untill they fix there mess of a network/server’s as its atrocious atm.

Will these issues be sorted for season 3? Or longer?


The servers have been getting consistently worse over time. I have no idea what’s actually going on but 343 definitely needs to get it sorted.


My theory on this is quite simple and is evidenced by other posters on here…basically, even if we get placed on our own local (EU) servers then it doesn’t mean that all players in the lobby are.

The evidence to this are the US players complaining about being put on EU servers, and obviously EU players constantly being placed on US servers. It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is still happening, and no wonder why many players complain about the desync/high ping/latency issues. It’s networking basics that if players are located all over the world in different continents in the same lobby then the connections to the servers and to each other are going to vary drastically and provide a poor gaming experience.

The simple answer that I’ve found to resolve this issue…I no longer play the game and won’t do so until they give us server selection, server filters or allow us to geo filter again. I can honestly and genuinely say that I don’t miss playing this broken game and don’t care any more (I’m only posting rarely on here now too in the hope of finding positive changes).


Dude i feel ya but your about to a bunch of idiots telling you its your internet service.
Ive had this with infinite and mcc.
I think you are justified to drop the game tbh.


Im not sure what there doing wrong im no I.T wizz but compared to other games there is something drastically wrong with the netcode of this game


They are going to lose all the players they just gained back if they dont


I haven’t noticed as much with Mcc, but yer infinite is taking a back shelf and im going to just play my backlog of games and wait for what comes out this year


Currently in a match that’s lag spiking. Literally unplayable.


Server selection is part of it. But there’s definitely more than that because issues are showing up in LAN matches.


I’ve already stopped playing it since 343 can’t get the multiplayer systems right anymore. Halo 5’s lootboxes were bad enough but this is just EA logic… and also I have a personal life to deal with like any other adult with maturity, discipline, and responsibilities.

At least the campaign was decent enough, but they should have kept the multiplayer half of it completely out of this and not nestle it poorly with the campaign with the time-lock and paywalls.


This, 100%.

Same here. Experiencing this issue a lot.


I’m with you. It’s just too frustrating and the lack of acknowledgement there is even an issue doesn’t help. Adding servers won’t help if it happens on LAN, and with low ping. There’s something fundamentally wrong with their code.


That’s what I think, it’s something with the code. I play destiny matchmaking co-op missions and almost never have a problem, It’s never on my mind, but in halo I’m always thinking before I get into a match whether I should even attempt it. Sometimes I will have excellent games, but then I think every kill I get is it because I out played them or is it because the other player has a bad connection, like I do so much of the time.


I’m in Aus. It’s 1pm here and I have yet to find a Ranked match in half hour. Not one. The queue times are getting longer, the desync is horrendous. I’ve said it a billion times but you can’t have a competitive FPS with desync this bad and no region lock. Do 343 care or know what is happening to the game??


I uninstalled about 7 weeks ago on my Xbox One X.

Same issues as you. Lag, Lag Spikes, De-Synch and atrocious server selection which places me in Alberta Canada on European Servers with 250+ ms ping times. The lowest ping servers (via MCC / H5 Server Selector) are Seattle at 25 ms, but it only allows me to get matches like that maybe 20% of the time.

Won’t re-install until this is crap is resolved.

I also find this absolutely maddening that 343 does not even respond to these issues. They can’t be this clueless, can they?


I think 343 lost many players in February when they removed geofilter, its been getting worse since then with the online gameplay.
Today I get outplayed because of BR and problems with hit registration and a lot of dsync. Sometimes you cant even see where the shots are coming from and even if you shoot the first 3 shots you can lose the battle. IT wasnt like this in February before geofilter.
BRs killed the game for me and my friends.
We are beeing brute forced to login on the US server no matter where you live in the world.
The main server is on the east coast of US and I think thats the biggest problem to be honest.
All the routing is going through the main server.


We’ve already witnessed the road map for Halo Infinite have items get delayed and pushed back. No matter what patches or changes come, I fear that we’ll always be seeing some challenges when it comes to the game in general.


I live just outside of Seattle and I luckily almost always get the Seattle host. The gameplay is much better for myself than what I see on streams of other players. The unbalance is very alarming, but that’s the challenge of online games these days.


Seems every other day someone is making a post about quitting Halo.
These are sad times indeed.


It is sad, ive played halo since the start bought collectbles, ingame dlc/store etc.
But im just going to play other games for now, but think i will hope on for events or a good weekly challenge but other than that im not spending any more money on infinite thats for sure