About the tanks in BTB

Ok so here me out,

I love BTB and I love the tanks and the fact that they are spawning more frequently.


Can we please have double drops of them. I understand you want teams to fight over the tank. You want engagements, but it’s one thing that has always drove me is that some people figure out the timing drops and rush the drop. I’m ok when it’s against another teams drop, heck I do it in high power with the wasps.
But not when its one spawn. Its just seems kinda lazy, or simple minded and gives a single person who knows the timing an advantage that will skew the entire game for EVERYONE.
But when enough people know the timing. It just creates this repeativeness in the game that I really don’t enjoy. Oh look it’s 11:35, gotta start running for the tank that everyone knows is going to drop by side station…again…and I have to watch out for the guy at the top of the rocks with the BR whose going to try and kill people going for the tank …just like last time…and dont let yourself get in the lane, cause the guy who always has the sniper rifle is looking down the road…blah blah blah.

I played ALOT of halo 5, so much so I ran into certain players often enough that I knew they’re habits. I knew what they were going to do and how to engage them.

The same went for how they would rush vehicle spawns. When someone would always get to a vehicle first, I would watch in theatre what they did and learn how to compete against it. But, again, it just generates repeativeness.
Having said that…I’ve always wanted to see a randomized timing spawn on one of the maps to when we played that aspect would be neutralized.

Ya ya ya. Its how halo always been blah blah. I get it. But why can’t we have some variety too.


Oh I already thought it was random in Infinite :smiley:

I posted the following in the BTB Update Post, which probably also fits here:

I have mixed emotions about the more frequent Tank-Drops in BTB :thinking:

In general, this is a good thing.

The main issue remains the randomness. It’s not like both teams get the same vehicle at the same time.
If only 1 team gets a Scorpion close to it’s spawn and the other team doesn’t…especially in Total Control that’s preeeetty unfair.

And now that this happens earlier during the match, it actually makes things worse, because this unfair situation has a longer duration.

Well, or I’m totally wrong, and both teams already DO get tanks at the same time, but my team’s tank was destroyed instantly. I really can’T tell with this game :smiley:

The whole mechanic takes away from the war games training sim vibe that Halo’s multiplayer had since CE. I’ve always viewed a match in Halo as a “scenario.” BTB fulfills that the war games scenario match type. But only when the starts are even, all weapons and all vehicles. It’s a true test of teamwork and skill because the starting positions are equal. Don’t tell me Highpower is a well balanced map when one base is clearly way more elevated giving better lines of sight to that base’s team however the extra elevation makes it easier for a Wasp to press the spawns from further away.

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I don’t mind some map being uneven, it gives the variety I was talking about. But the vehicle times arent random. They are predictable if you play the map enough. Since we have what, 3? Thats not difficult.

Ohh I was just making a comment about the balancing being iffy already then the teams have to fight over the tank.

I haven’t been able to play enough BTB in the past month or so to learn the respawn times for the levels/game types yet like I did for H3. I didn’t really intend to before this patch but I will now. I love using the Scorpion. My whole BTB Heavies in H3 strategy revolved around it.

I think High Power is the only map where a vehicle spawns in the middle of the map. On Deadlock and Fragmentation, two tanks come down at the same time at each base.

I wish it was the same tank for each team though.

On Deadlock the scorpion can position itself to have a pretty commanding field of view over a lot of the map, and then just laser everyone. The wraith team usually has a harder time keeping up in my experience.

But then on Fragmentation, moving the Scorpion through the middle third of the map is pretty tough with the tanks controls. The Scorpion usually gets a little stuck and takes a lot of damage trying to maneuver, while the Wraith can pretty easily move freely throughout the map. I usually see the Wraith team do better in these games.

Maybe I’m over analyzing some anecdotal cases though.