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Is it just me or does the road map seem lacking? What I mean is they have a 10 year plan what’s after season 3? Is there even a plan? Halo infinites population died faster then any other halo. Maybe not 4 but still how do they expect to get 10 years from it? With Battle Royale? How do they expect to steal players from Fortnite, CoD, Apex when halo has been illrealivent to all but the halo and Xbox fans since reach? (They tried stealing CoD players with halo 4 and look what that got them…) The only people they have a chance to win over from other titles are halo fans. With that how are they gonna expect to get fans from those polished games (excluding cod lol) when the halo is in the state it’s in?

I’ve seen videos of people getting shot in the head with a skewer having the rod in there head and taking 0 damage. If that happened in Apex with the Kraber people would lose their minds and would be hot fixed or patched within a week.

Also everyone’s been talking about halo Battle Royale but it’s not even in the road map? So is that like 2024+? How do they even expect that to save the game when it’s not even going to survive 2 months past season 2.

Also I for one have wanted a halo Battle Royale since before the battle royale gen… But I won’t be interested unless everyone is ODST dropping from ODST pods… Keep the Spartans out. Sadly that’s a pipe dream that won’t happen.

What does everyone think about the Road Map excluding the 6 months gaps everyone knows how we all feel about that.


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The road map had plenty to be disappointed in; the length of Season 2. The late arrival of Forge (beta). The delay for split screen campaign co-op.

But I’m not sure it’s role was ever to push a lot of detail of Season 3 or beyond. Apart from Forge and Campaign co-op.

And whatever they put down for Season 3 would just be a bitter pill for all the angry trolls. It would be a torrent of complaints about how we had that game mode back in my day.

I think we need to all take a breath and jump into Season 2. Keep the focus on what’s coming out next week.

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Maybe the gps doesn’t work and the road map got lost :rofl:

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See that’s the thing people are talking like forge is coming out this year but it’s just the beta and like imagine beta testing halo forge lol. I still think it’s funny that 10 years later 343 hasn’t been able to give us Forge World 2.0

Didn’t Halo 5 have Forge environments that were similar to or even bigger than Forge World? And which weren’t all limited to Forge World’s drab gray/green/blue palette

Halo 5’s forge is excellent.

Although I do still think the textures and aesthetics were still.a bit too samey. You can always tell a forge map.

I think we will know forge is cracked when you can’t tell looking at a new map if it was made in forge or by the developers.

It’s vague for a reason. Because they have such little clue about what the future will look like themselves.

Yo someone fix the challenges, I’m over here losing my mind playing FFA matches for a stupid black visor