About The Ranked Gamemodes

strong textI am really enjoying ranked, currently being ranked Platinum 3 and I am willing to just vibe in the competitive modes, but I got 1 issue with it: grenade spam.

Don’t get me wrong, nades are a useful tool.

  • Trying to push someone out into the open?

Nade them.

  • Got a 1-shot enemy in the corner?

Nade them to finish them off.

  • Wanna clear an stronghold easy?

Throw a few nades in.

My problem is the ridiculous amount of grenades that are handed to the players.

Competitive play is meant to show how well the player uses the map and the weapons as well as communicating with their team. Not to spam the ridiculous amount of nades we are handed.

Solution? Reduce spawn grenades down to 1, and all Grenade dispensers to only hold 1 grenade. This way it’ll reduce the amount of nades being thrown onto strongholds and making the team push as a group.

I’m looking forward to future updates.


People aren’t spamming them after a certain amount time playing you generally get a feel for how people move around the map and you know where to throw nades and when. You just have to develop a sense of knowing when
things will be naded and how to position yourself to avoid them

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Right, which I get that idea, but is it really skill based if every player has 4 nades each to be throwing around forever on the map?

The difference between players with higher and lower skill level is that players with higher skill level are usually better at making good decisions like using grenades appropriately. However, this game has only been out for 2 days and I would assume that the general player population hasn’t gathered sufficient amount experience to make the most optimal decisions for any given scenario.

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You underestimate the power of having no life
(And also how fast good players adapt to the game)

There may always exist exceptions. However, I did in this instance refer to the general player population in order to mitigate the effects from the extremes.

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While I understand the idea that people will do what they want with the grenades, I’d rather have players think a bit more before saying “I really want to throw my grenade in [said direction].” Within a ranked gamemode I believe it should be more about what weapon you have in your hands, your communications with your team, and overall map knowledge.

Comparing this to H5 might seem dumb due to the idea of H5 being build from the ground up to be a competitive game, Infinite isn’t made that way but feels competitive naturally. However, in H5, grenades were bouncy yet used most of the time to get some players to waste their thrusters.

In the case of Infinite, I feel like they’re just throw all over any type of objective. While it works, yes, but it also doesn’t help that most maps seem to have 2 additional grenade dispensers. It’s just too much in the case of maps like Streets with tight rooms, especially Stronghold B.

While yes, pro players will thank more factors into throwing grenades in to specific locations for specific reasons depending on the gamemode. I can’t see any type of ranked mode having heavy grenade spam.

Grenades should be a tool to utilized, not a weapon overall.

I think I’d agree with you on a game type like strongholds but I’ve never had any issue dodging nades on that map and not dying in the strongholds since nades are a lot weaker than in H5. Albeit I’m already diamond 2 and was onyx every season I played seriously in H5 so I’ll give you the gen player pop point as well

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