About the migration.

Every time there is a black screen in reach, I mean every time I end up DYING O.o I just wanted to know will their be much of that in 4? But sometimes I am alive and that’s when I am not near anyone. o.o

p2p + jip = bs

> p2p + jip = bs

yea, i can’t see a feasible way of having JIP with a good netcode while not having all this black screen nonsense, it i can’t, people constantly dropping and joining causes black screens all the time in 3 and reach customs, the only way is to stick to the host its chosen through out the game and if that host is bad or leaves well your screwed.

black screens is the game syncing you with the host and other players with the host, if you’re the only one on black screen then its likely your connection to the host has dropped and its re-establishing connection.

Black screens are so annoying, honestly. Can’t stand it, Reach is the only game I encounter black screens in the middle of a match.

When I come back to the game, someone has established a connection faster than I and has jumped at the chance to kill me.