About the Ending of Extinction... (Spoilers)

Now, before you snipe my head off and brand me a traitor, I will say that I don’t really like CoD much, except for Ghosts’ Extinction mode. And that is why I have made this thread.

While Extinction has a huge concept with gameplay, story (though most don’t pay attention to it) was a leading factor as well. And the ending was… well… I was hoping for something more.

I’ve collected all the intel across the Extinction battlefield (except for Nightfall, but I watched those), and studied their contents.
I’m still incredibly confuzzled as to what happens at the end.

CIF Team-1 sacrifices their lives and activates the Medusa device (probably killing them in the blast) to grant safe passage into space for the shuttle en-route to Exodus.
The skies clear, the shuttle makes it to the station. Cross, having to apparently teleported herself there, states that she has to power to make a difference in the extinction of the human race. She then hooks herself up into something appearing to be similar to the Beacon device.
And that’s that. Extinction is over.


-In the intel footage ‘Caller I.D Unknown’, a voice stating to be David Archer (who we had previously left for dead with one arm and a bum leg in a rapidly destructing cryptid underworld) claims that Cross is a sleeper agent, and it’s all part of the Ancestor’s plan to get Cross onto the Exodus station.
The transmission confirms that it isn’t Archer, and that it’s signal is from multiple areas across the globe.
Archer’s voice confronts the players as they continue to power up generators, telling them that Cross is still on the cryptid’s side. It’s never explained if that truly is Archer, or even what is acting as him.
What is that? Did anybody catch on to what is posing as Archer?

-Cross. She’s on your side, then she isn’t. Your mission is first to rescue her, then to kill her on sight. Then she works with you. Then she kills the flight you rescued her with. Then she delivers the Cortex in order for the shuttle to get off the ground. And the ending…
Who’s side is she finally on?

I know I probably should have posted this on the Ghosts forums, but I has having a heck of a time registering over there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Answers to both questions below.

Micheal Bay.

Only played the first 2 episodes so I can’t really help, but from what you described it sounds like IW is trying to match Treyarch in the “wait, what?” category of story lines.

> Answers to both questions below.
> Micheal Bay.


I feel Cross might be going down the same path as dude from District 9, or the woman from Star Craft. If they continue the story, she might as well become some sort of Cryptid overlord or something.