About the Announcers

It maybe a pipe dream considering the multiplayer population for it in India, but would love to see some Hindi/Hinglish voice lines for the announcers and the AIs sometime in the future for it.

English has been a staple, with Jeff’s voice one of the most iconic, his style evoking a sense of achievement as you rack medals. The Spanish voice lines are simply fun and sometimes remind me of the enthusiasm of football commentators (like gol gol gol gol gol, or similar others). I will definitely switch to other languages for casual matchmaking just to experience them and I am sure I wouldn’t be dissatisfied with either.

Some suggestions for hindi/hinglish vo’s-

Double Kill- Do
Triple Kill- Teen
Overkill- Tabahi
Extermination- Safaya (or one of the AI goes- kisi ko bhi nahin chhoda tumne? [you couldn’t leave a single one alive could you?] claps)

Killing Spree- AI goes- karte raho, maza aara hai [Keep doing that, it’s so much fun]

Ninja- Ninja with an AI humming “Joota hai Japani” by an Indian classical singer Mukesh [my shoes are from Japan, as a subtle nod to your Ninja]

Pancake-AI goes Dosa khaane ka shauk hai tumhe [You like eating dosas don’t ya?]

Hammer- AI goes Sabki roti banao!!! [Make a roti out of EVERYONE]

There are many such ideas, and I am sure my fellow Asians could come up with many more creative ones.

With the AIs now in the fray, there are many such throwbacks, calls which could be imagined, which just makes the game that much more engaging to play. And probably something like this would also make Halo a viable option in the Indian Subcontinent, but again, it’s a long shot.

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