About That Pesky Mute Ban

Are there any plans to fix this? I have no idea why I have a mute ban. The majority of the time I’m as quiet as a mouse, and when I’m not I’m still not over the top obnoxious. I’m not screaming into the mic, I’m not constantly cursing, I’m not harassing anyone. So why have I been mute ban? Why was I not told I was mute banned? I was playing some games with my friends then suddenly everyone but my friends had me muted. I only knew because my friends were having conversations with people and I can hear their echo in my friend’s mics. I’ve done some searching, and supposedly it’s permanent and the only people you’ll here is those who unmute you.

It’s kind of hard to play competitively if no one can hear you. So, for right now, is there any possible way to get around this like clearing my cache?

At first I thought maybe you accidently changed the setting on Audio settings in the Reach menu but then I realised I had the same problem as you.

After a bit of research I found this from a Joystiq article;

“Bungie’s Tyson Green (using the pseudonym “Ferrex”) recently informed Ars Technica that Reach has a rather democratic auto-mute feature, which “notices, warns, and eventually defaults players to being muted when they enter games, if they are muted by enough people over a period of time.” So, remain ever vigilant in the face of stupidity, dear friends. We thank you in advance.”

I’m pretty sure what’s happened to you, and myself, is that we’ve been muted by teammates/the other team enough times which has caused the auto mute. If you play such playlists like Arena/MLG which has a noticeable competitive streak to it, it is common the other team will mute you. I’m not sure if there is a way that you can have this feature taken away from your account though.