About Ordnance? Questions...

I have been told that we apparently select our ordnance drops with the D-pad?
This is confusing what with the current information we have. I havnt been on in a while. I heard someone from mlg (killa KC) played halo 4, saw the screenshots, but he said something about ordnance and how they work. Can someone explain the system to me? or give me links?

please answer. I would like to be in the know.

At the moment, it is unconfirmed.

There’s ordnance that drops on timers and also personal ordnance which you earn from doing things, no one knows what yet. With personal ordnance you can pick what weapon you want with d pad. It COULD just be for custom games though.

Here’s the current info. All are subject to change.

Ordinance Drops:

Under this condition, Power Weapons will spawn at certain points at the map at from a Drop Pod. They will either spawn randomly through a timer, or from a player “Earning” the ability to select the destination of the weapon.

You can select the destination using the D-pad, with an indicator. Use it to coordinate your team to help gather the power weapon and use it against the enemy team. When it drops, an indicator will be displayed to all players, regardless of which team they are in.

Power weapons that spawn will be limited based on the map in Matchmaking. Close quarter maps will use Shotguns, Swords, etc, and big maps will provide Sniper Rifles, and other weapons not yet revealed.

This is all we got so far. All is subject to change.

Care Packages. That is all.