About Halo 6 (spoilers)

So we all know that Cortana goes power crazy, wants galaxy, has clothes yada yada. So I assume that she will be the end game enemy in Halo 6, meaning that we will be fighting ALOT of Prometheans. Just like when we were going for the Didact. The Covenant ain’t looking so hot and they don’t want to be controlled too, so why waste time fighting the humans when Cortana is threatening them. I could picture a galactic resistance which’d be cool.

I personally liked the Soldiers, they like weren’t worth a rocket but they took a while to kill with a BR. But we are gonna need some more variants of the Prometheans, or a greater challenge from them before that campaign gets real stale. Maybe swarms of Crawlers, I mean SWARMS of Crawlers, that can crawl on everything along unset paths. Make the Watchers able to teleport to you and pick you up for a clean shot from his allies. Unlike the Grunts give the Crawlers and Soldiers a damage boost when their Knight commander is killed. Maybe Cortana finds a way to compose other races into different Prometheans I don’t know, just something. Make all enemies move more fluidly as well.

That’s just my opinion, what is yours.

Dig into the lore, grab some more Forerunner stuff to fight. Hell, maybe Cortana gets creative and creates some warriors of her own to fight us based on Forerunner data (she’s in the their Domain, she likely has access to everything they knew.)

Promethians and some new ai enemies may show up.

I want the damn flood back. En masse. Like “oh dear god the galaxy is doomed”, with infected ships and everything, like during their war with the forerunners.

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> Promethians and some new ai enemies may show up.

They better, maybe this time we’ll get the brutes in some way shape or form.


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> > 2533274874192460;3:
> > Promethians and some new ai enemies may show up.
> They better, maybe this time we’ll get the brutes in some way shape or form.

Yea, the Brutes should return. The Elites have failed the Covenant a second time now.
They thought they could run the Covenant without the need for any outside help.
Well, Jul M’dama is dead, their stronghold at Sunaion is gone, and I think it is time for the Brutes to lead the Covenant Remnant now.
Well, whatever is left of it. The Covenant has shattered a few times now.
The Brutes have to rebuild it.

I personally didn’t like the ‘human’ Cortana model or whatever that was used at the end of the game. I hope this isn’t final for Halo 6, but honestly 343 keep changing so many things. I know it’s small but for example the boltshot is completely different to how it was in Halo 4. Like it IS the same universe, I know Halo 5 is set 8 months after spartan ops but still. Like the entire Promethean body just up and said “okay everyone, there is a recall on all boltshots, so please return them to your closest store” in the whole universe. I get this may and probably is a bad example but does anyone else get what I mean? I’d like Cortana to go back to a similar look to the halo 3 one, maybe crossed with halo 4. Also there are a lot of loose ends that seamed to just be let go that were in Halo 4. I couldn’t find a topic about Cortana and then decided to ramble about some other stuff.
End Cortana model in Halo 5 bad, too many blunt/‘weird’ changes even though some may argue they’re necessary, not everything was explored or hinted to be explored from 4 in 6