About H4 haters

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In this forum there’s always been people blaming against Halo 3, Reach and now, 4. I’m not trying to discuss why is H4 good or bad, I only want to tll my opinion about this forum.

I don’t have my XBOX at my home, it’s on my parents and brother home (but I’m better than him lol) so I only play on weekends. Meanwhile, I visit halowaypoint to stay tuned and check what people is talking about Halo and I always see so much bullsh** about it I get sad.
As me, I suppose that there are two kind of persons who come to hate Halo to this forum:
1- people who play a lot. If you don’t like the game, why are you lvl 130 or similar? Maybe because you know it’s still be the best shooter on xbox? So it is not THAT bad!
2- People qho do not play or have stopped playing early and want Halo to return to it’s origins. Ok, did you know almost all old people say that past times were always better? That nowadays everything goes wrong? They just say that because they tend do forget the bad things and they don’t want to learn about the present. Maybe if you try to adapt you could adapt and enjoy Halo 4 as much as you want or become a 1-kind of player.

I know that you’ll be angry with my because my words, but it might be because you feel identified.
I apologize if I’ve been rude but I needed to counter all that hate with this post to feel I did something to defend me and people who actually like this game. I’m sure you will understand that this post is like throwing stones against SWAT in this forum so don’t be too hard please.