Is it an energy shield?
Its color like energy shield and It can recover.
Does a plasma weapon do more damage to it?
I try to use plasma pistol’s emp shot it.but I always fail.is useful?

I think it’s an energy shield. People say a Spartan Laser is a good weapon to use on it, so maybe try that. But I always fight Grunt Goblins with tanks or other heavy vehicles, so I’m not sure.

It’s an energy shield canopy; plasma-based weapons like the Brute Plasma Rifle are more effective at wearing it down compared to normal bullets and explosives.

Spartan laser or the sorrow of teash plasma rifle.

Endgame is probably the absolute best, for a multitude of reasons. Just make sure you have a headshot weapon handy to finish it off before your compatriots steal your juicy grunt goblin kill.

The absolute best way to take it down is with the H2 beam rifle delta. Then use a dmr to head shot the grunt.