about foe system

I am not against the idea but given i have played halo for 15 years. Red or blue armour clour registers as FOE to me.

The outlines arnt helping. We need a more prominent way to tell FOE

Many times when people are all bunched up together.

Its soo hard to shoot blue bots when you are on blue team. Becuase mentally they are blue team.

May I suggest an toggle?
It cant be hard. It has been implemented in mcc.

Red vs blue still is better in many way. There is 0 ambiguity. No doubts.

But infinite? The current execution is not good enough. It needs more emphasis? Can this not be a slider? How thick or strong you want these lines?

I am okay with both ways of team colouring.

I dont hate the new way. Its just it is not exectuted well. Couldbe done better.

But if we stick we newer way and dont get a toggle. Please give us intensity control?

Or anyother better way to help distinguish?