About:Custom Challenges

Hey Guys I Was Basically Wondering
Is There A Cap On How Many Credits
You Can Earn With The Custom Challenges
And Does The Custom Challenges Credits
Mix In With The Normal Credits
Or Do They Have Seperate Caps?

200,000 just like everything else.

Each challenge type has an individual cap:

Type…max cR payout
Multiplayer Firefight…10000
Multiplayer Matchmaking…30000

The actual cR awarded for each challenge is factored from the various options you choose when you create it.
The cR contribute towards your daily total, which is capped at 200,000cR (as at 14/03/12) - the total resets at midnight, your local console time.

Custom Challenges - The Guide
Part 1: A summary of how to create/submit challenges
Part 2: Specific Challenge Type details
Part 3: Constraints
Part 4: Miscellaneous notes and FAQ