Hello everyone, when i finished “First strike” I ran into a problem, when i must read “Ghosts of Onyx”? I mean, before or after Halo 2? This is very important for me.

I believe Ghosts of Onyx covers both before and during Halo 2, since if I recall correctly it covers the S-III’s as well as Blue Teams efforts without Chief during the Battle of Earth before other things happen. You can argue that Halo 2 can be played first since the Chief does not return to Earth during the books timeframe.

Battle of Earth in Halo 2 - October 20th 2552 (Cairo, Outskirts, Metropolis)
Battle of Earth in Ghosts of Onyx - October 20th 2552 (Blue team deploys for 2 weeks)

Then we have the Battle of Onyx October 31st 2552.
Chiefs story then doesn’t pickup in Halo 2 again until Delta Halo, which takes place on November 2nd 2552.

Basically the Chief is absent during Ghosts of Onyx so it depends how you like to enjoy your Halo content. If you like to play everything in order then it would be Halo 2 until after you finish Metropolis, read Ghosts of Onyx and then continue with Halo 2.

Alternatively, reading/playing one does not impact the other in any way so you can safely play/read one without really spoiling the other at all.

Thank you so much!) I was afraid of spoilers, if the sequence is chosen incorrectly, but, since neither influences each other, I will simply enjoy the content like i want)