about all this rage about LE/ crimson MP

(hi I’m back not that im big)

for all those complaining about the map pack pass issues quit complaining and be patient its 343’s first game and even gears 3’s map pass didn’t work flawlessly

for all you people complaining heavily about LE content put up with it you all knew what you were buying and I bought LE and I’m fairly pleased
true the armour and what not wasn’t really cool like the flames in reach but you cant complain you bought it (hopefully there might be some better armour in H5 or with the mid game they do like ODST and CEA)

lack of some game types/playlists such as headhunter, team doubles, assault etc.
I understand but we’ll have to make do since winging about it doesn’t make any progress and some playlist such as GB, TD, AS will be getting added (don’t know why we have to wait but we might as well be patient)

lack of forge maps now this I agree on I think all those threads about different pallets should of made the message clear but at least it isn’t the same surroundings (still miss my purple fx)

boltshot range effectiveness: well I cant say I agree more Ive been getting

in a quick summary just put up with or leave your not forced to make play and instead of going ‘OMG 343 I hate you wheres my map pack’ you could just ask ‘whats happening guys’ get a response and be patient (you can rage in private =)

There is a thread where this is already being discussed. Thank you :slight_smile:


Pull ya tounge outta their a$$es, if the game ran smoothly with no other complaints or hickups i would be cool as Samuel L Jackson right now!!

But they just keep piling dissapointments on top of eachother, this was the worst that could happend to Halo 4